[Note: This document was written by Edna Bullington Burdette.]

Thomas Lee Wood

He was a methodist preacher that rode horse back over Weakley Obion and Henry County preaching and organised churches. He under took to organise one in Obion Co. out from Union City, they didn't think they needed a church there and tryed to keep them from it. A man that lived there, who had been a caption (Walker) in the Cival War took it up and said if the people wanted the church, they should have it, So they organised Pleasant Valley That still stand[s] today and a great grand daughter and her family belong there today. He received no salary for his work.

He came from Middle Tennessee around Murfreesboro. His wife lived around Murfreesboro to, but they had never met. She came to Ralston to visit some relatives by name of Ralston and Houses. She met Grandpa at a meeting he was holding at McClain Chapel near Ralston. So they fell for each other and she became his wife. They had nine children 4 boys and 5 girls. She died and my mother kept house and helped raise the two younger children until he again was up in Henry Co. preaching at Olive Branch Church, and met the second woman that became his wife, an old maid school teacher, who was a fine lady, and made a good step mother to the children and grand children.

Grandpa served several years in the Cival War.

Grandpa died in his 60 from pneumonia in November, 1893. Grandma lived on there at the Home place with the youngest son's family until she had to go back up in Henry Co. to keep house for a nephew that was left alone. She died in her 80 years. The old house still stand[s] and people are still living in it.

Grandma Wood number 1 was a Norval. She had a brother who lived with them until he died, and was the first to be buried in our cemetery.

I can't remember hearing my Mother speak of any other relatives.

Grandpa had 2 sons and three grandson[s] who made preachers. Sons - Jame Wood, Nathan Wood Grandsons - James R. Bullington, Johnson Baldridge, Albert Gardner

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