[Note: This document was written by one of Thomas Lee Wood's children. The exact author is unknown. Some of the dates given are questionable. The document has been copied as is, with no correction to spelling or punctuation.]


Thomas Lee Wood was born Feb. 28, 1829 in Middle Tenn., in Williamson County, and lived there until he was grown. He came to west Tenn. when a young man to visit the Jordans, who were related to him, and who lived near Ralston Station. He married Margaret Ann Norville, the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Nathan Norville. Rev. Norville was a Methodist preacher, and at one time a Presiding Elder.

Margaret Ann's mother died when she and an only brother were ten and twelve years of age. Rev. Norville married again, and Alexander Ralston, whose wife was an aunt took Margaret Ann and Wesley and reared them to Womanhood and manhood. Margaret Ann, at the age of 19, married Thomas Lee Wood, who was 21 at the time. They lived in Middle Tenn. for a while, and a part of their 10 children were born there. The names of their children are as follows: Susan Ann, born Jan. 3, 1849; Nathan Alexander born Aug. 16, 1851; Sarah Elizabeth, Born Oct. 16, 1853; William Archie born Dec. 4, 1855; Thos. Clemens born Feb. 15, 1857; Mary Catherine born Jan. 29, 1859; Johnson David Lee Born March 22, 1862; Nancy Allen, born Oct. 17, 1866 Margaret Ellen, born Jan. 10, 1868; James Andrew, born Dec. 11, 1871. When they came to West Tenn., they settled near Ralston. Margaret Ann and her brother Wesley were deeded 300 acres of land by Alexander Ralston and his wife. This plot includes the old Wood home place. Thomas Lee bought more land, the first plot being the Roads land lying to the north. They lived there for a while, then built a house a little to the south of the present residence. Then they built a home on the present site which consisted of three log rooms in a row, the reont one which is still standing. This room has an upper room and it was in this room that Margaret Ann died on May 6, 1876.

In the winter of 1878 Thomas Lee Married Mary Ann Crawford, and they lived together until Dec. 6, 1893 when Thomas Lee went to join his first wife.

In 1861, Thomas Lee joined the Southern Army, and served for about three years, when he was taken prisoner and remained a prisoner untill the war ended. William Baldridge was his companion through it all. They fought under Gen. Price, Joe Johnson and Hood.

He was converted the first year after his marriage at old Hatlers' Camp Ground, but dad did not become a minister until after the war. He was an Exhorter, License preacher local Deacon and Local Elder. He Organized two churches, Beech Grove, and Pleasant Valley near Union City. He helped to organize others and gave money and worked to further the cause. These


Travis Chapel, Freeman's Chapel, and Bethany. He spent part of his time preaching and helping in revivals and never asked any pay.

Two of his sons became Methodist preachers. Two grandsons became Methodist preachers, one a Baptist preacher and one a Nazarene. One granddaughter married a Baptist preacher and one greatgrand daughter married a preacher.

The Wood Cemetery was started when Johnnie Gardner died. Wesley Norville was the next to be laid to rest on the site.

There are dead and living 68 grandchildren.

When Thomas Lee came home from the war, he had left one old crippled mule with which to support a wife and six children. However, he was a man of courage, faith and energy, and with a wife who had been able to stand the trials and hardships of the [illegible] were able to rear their children and carry on [illegible] became the victim of the dread disease T. B. and went to rest.

William Baldridge and Susan Wood were married Dec.25, 1867 To this union were born 10 children: Robert Lee of Jackson Tenn.; Alexander of Martin; Thos. Joseph who died 35 years ago and lies in the family cemetary; James of Martin and Bradley who died when a small boy was buried in the Wood Cemetery.

Nathan Alexander Wood and Mary Knox were married Jan. 22, 1874. To this union 7 children were born; Rosie of Atlas Okla.; Susie of Bishop Calif.; Ula of Texas; Clem of Okla. City, Okla.; one became a Nazarene preacher and died about 10 years ago in Okla. Nathan's First wife died about 1918 or earlier. He married again and two children were born to this union.

Wm. Archie Wood lived only a little more than a month.

Sarah Elizabeth Wood and Lee Gardner were married about 1870. To this union were born 10 children; Johnnie the oldest did when small; albert, a Baptist minister, lives in Martin; Harbey Lee of Martin; Ann lies in the Wood Cemetery, Kittie of Martin; Daisie of Dixon, Tenn.; and Milburn of Martin. Five died in infancy.

Thomas Clemens Wood and Etta Freeman were married in 1877 or 78. To this union were born one boy, Cletus Andrew, who met a tragic death when nine years of age. He is buried in Wood Cememtery.

Mary Catherine and N. P. Bullington were married in 1877. 11 Children were born to this union. James Robt., a Methodist minister, of Parma, Mo.; Beulah, who lies in the family cemetery; Finley, who died when small; Lela and Lena, Twins, only surviving; Edna of Martin; Neda of Paris; Harmon, Thos. Lee, Ella and Juddy of Martin.

Johnson David Lee Wood and Mary Etta Maxwell were Married Dec. 19, 1882. To this Union 8 Children were born; Wm. Thos., Frances Marvin, or Maryin; John Norman of Memphis; Archie Norville, Adrain Douglas, Harry Lee, Annie Louise, all of Martin; and Ralph Maxwell of Owensboro, Ky.

Nancy Allen Wood and W. C. Parish were married about 1882. To this union were born 12 children; Conner, who died in infancy as did two others; Olliem died in Sharon about 20 years ago-1917 Clem, whose body lies in the family cemetary-Jan.28, 1939; Lesta and Hallie of Texas; Casie of Tex Evelyn of Okla.; Judson of Martin; Hafford of Memphis; And Nannie Mae of L. A. Calif.

Margaret Ellen Wood and Wm Hawkins were married about 1889. To this union were born 7 Children: Dennis of clay Center Kansas; Margie Margaret, who died in oak Ridge, Mo. and was buried [illegible] Sellars of St. Elmo, Mo.; Mary Amelia of [illegible], Sewal Stewart of Jackson, Mo.; and Virgil Palmore of St. Elmo, Ill.

May God help all the children and the descendants of Thomas Lee and Margaret Ann Wood To Follow in their Paths and At last make an unbroken family in the celestiel city above.

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