Deed to Mississippi Rairoad 1874

[Weakley Co. Records - Register of Deeds - Vol. Y - Feb 1874 - Mar 1875]
Transcribed by Rebecca Holder

Thos. L. Wood
To Deed
Mississippi Central R. R.

Registered March 3, 1874 At 10 O clock A. M.

page 92

Know all men by these present that I Thos. L. Wood of the county of Weakley State of Tennessee for and in consideration of the benefit to my Self and the public from the building and extension of the Mississippi Central Railroad and further consideration of One Dollar to me paid I have this day Bargained Sold Aliened and conveyed unto the Mississippi Central Railroad Company under lease and Control of the Southern Railroad Association the following described Right of Way and grounds included in the bounds of Said Right of Way Situated lying and being in the county of Weakley State of Tennessee described and known by the Survey and location of Said Road and its extension through the State of Tennessee as follows Beginning at my South boundary at Station number 2643+77 of the Miss. Central R. R. Extension and runing to my north boundary at Station...number 2655+10 Embracing One Hundred feet wide and containing two & 6/10 acres more or less To have and to hold the Same to the Said Mississippi Central Railroad Company leased and under control of the Southern Railroad Association and assigns forever together with its appurtenances estate title and interest thereto belonging and hereby covenant and bind my self my Heirs and representatives to forever Warrant and defend the title to Said land and bargained premises against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever and that I am lawfully Seized of Said land and bargained premises have a good right to Sell and convey it and the Same is unincumbered Witness my hand and Seal this the 11th day of April 1873.

Thomas L. Wood     (Seal)

Robt. B. Hurt
Jno. G. Mann

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