Wood Family Photos
Mary Catherine Wood Bullington's Branch

Photos courtesy of Sandra Burt, Roberta High, and James Staulcup

Newt and Mollie Bullington
with daughter Juddy.

Left to Right: Lela, Lena, Neety, Edna, Newt, Mollie Bullington
with Harmon, Beulah, Jim, and farmhand

Tom and Harmon Bullington

Mollie Bullington with Harmon, Tom and Ella

Jim Bullington with sisters Lena, Neety and Edna

Back Row (left to right): Harmon Bullington, Lillian Penick,
Fonzie Cavin, Ella Bullington Cavin, Coley Bell, Neety Bullington Bell,
Winfred Cavin, Juddy Bullington Ayers

Middle Row: Tom Bullington, Newton P. Bullington, Mary Catherine "Mollie" Wood Bullington,
Rachel Bell (child standing), Mary Bell (child), James "Jim" Bell,
Lena Bullington Bell, Woodrow Bell (baby, born 7/6/1917)

Front Row: Charles Bell (Lena's), Mittie Penick (Beulah's), Opal Bell (Neety's),
Clarence Bell (Neety's), Howard Bell (Lena's)

Newt and Mollie Bullington standing by back porch with well

Jim Bullington at Rutherford Academy, Gibson Co., TN (April 29-31, 1897)
From Weakley County Press: "February 26, 1897 - James R. Bullington, of Martin, entered Rutherford Academy last Monday. He is one of the teachers of Weakley County and is here in order to go to school to his old teacher, Prof. Higgs."

Jim Bullington possibly with a group from McFerrin (sitting - 3nd row, 6th from left)

Jim Bullington with church federation group (back row, 3rd from left)

Back: Jim Bullington
Front: Mary Perry (aunt of Katie), Katie and children "J. R." and Anna

Lela Bullington Staulcup Sanders

Newt Bullington over 80

Newt Bullington's children at an older age:
Back Row (left): Tom
Front Row (left to right): Juddy, Edna, Ella
Girl in Chair: Virginia "Ginny" Cavin

From the collection of Irene Miles Bullington

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